“Tell Them The Truth” is our mantra, an invitation, but above all a credo. Of course it’s also true for us. This is why we only tell the truth, and even more so on our T-shirts.

A TT-Shirt is a minimalist garment, capable of fitting its wearer perfectly and ideal to be worn alone, as is, or under your favourite cardigan or jacket. Because the truth is something that must fit its speaker like a glove.
Every TT-Shirt is born here, in our home town. For us this is not only about being Made in Italy, but being lucky enough to be able to select the factory where the TT-Shirts are tailored, embroidered, and printed near where we live, in Northern Italy. Because… and let’s tell the truth… Italians are the best in this field.

It weighs 150 gr, made of 90% cotton and 10% elastan.

This is the first secret: the elastan improves the fit, but above all makes it more comfortable. So you feel at ease in any situation. The thread count is 50 to 1 (50/1), because precious is better.

The cut is “slim-fit”.

It fits like a glove, enhancing your shape while minimizing your flaws (like your love-handles), and is perfect under a jacket or cardigan for a surprising effect. The sleeves and the bottom have a twin needle hem for extra strength. The neck, instead, has just a single seam for a more refined finish. The inside of the neckline even has a sweat-shield, so that you dont reveal too much about yourself.

The saying is screen-printed.

Very resistant and not at all irritating for the skin. There is also a glitter effect: so you can shine.


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