"We should make a T-shirt with that saying.” We used to say this with the same conviction of those who love to write and say that sooner or later they “should start a blog”, or someone who loves cooking and is convinced that, sooner or later, “should be on Masterchef”.Instead, thanks to the stubbornness of Cristina and Alessandro, we went from "we should make a T-shirt" to reality: the birth of the TellThem brand. All in all, we are living proof that actions speak louder than words.

Born and raised in Schio, a small town that boasts an extraordinary tradition in textiles dating back to the early nineteenth century, Cristina and Alessandro are the real brains behind the project.

Their family histories left them imbued with a legacy of textile manufacturing, as both of them grew up in close contact with family-run knitwear and textile manufacturers.

Cristina and Alessandro, a couple in life and in their careers, have always shared a great passion for beauty, minimalism and essentiality. This is why, when they came up with a striking saying and said "we should make a T-shirt with it”, they knew exactly what they were talking about: a chic, modern, high-quality T-shirt with an elegant, yet subtle message. A T-shirt that, once the TellThem project was born, was transformed into a TT-Shirt.
So what does TellThem mean? Well, in brief, it’s a life choice. It means no longer censuring what goes through your mind, no longer hiding behind a mask, no longer putting a sock in it. Whether those thoughts are good or bad, amusing or rude, all they want is to be blurted out.
The secret is to stop thinking about it so much, like our slogan says. Tell Them The Truth.

And what could a TT-Shirt be, if not a minimalist garment capable of fitting its wearer perfectly?

This is why we picked the slim fit, a fabric that combines the quality of cotton with the comfort of elastan, a basic cut and a weight that makes this T-shirt perfect to be worn alone as is or under your favourite cardigan or jacket. Because the truth is flawless.
Something that needn’t be shouted, but whispered elegantly; something that emerges and makes you shine, but with discretion.
This is why every saying is printed so accurately.
Where could it be born, if not in our home town? The workshop where it is tailored, embroidered, and printed is near where we live, in Northern Italy. Because we believe that Italians in this field are the best and because we want to preserve the traditions of our territory.

Too good to be true? Remember that we only tell the truth: nothing but the truth. Look here.


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